Creating ripples

around the world. 

One circle

at a time.

How to Use the Smartphone Apps (if you are in the USA).


Please e-mail us at with any questions.  Thank you for your support.

Find your Local Tribe.  How to use the dF App to connect on a local level.

If you have difficulty entering addresses on the ORIGINAL USA version.

A QUICK OVERVIEW on using the Find a Womens Circle: the DF App website.

How to REGISTER for the first time.

If you have difficulty entering addresses on the INTERNATIONAL VERSION.

How to enter Women's Circles and Events on both versions.

How to Use the Website on Your Smartphone (WITHOUT downloading Smartphone Apps)  (If you are outside of the USA.)

How to Edit or Delete circles or events.

How to Use the Website to see what is around you WITHOUT LOGGING IN.

THE INTENT of the divine feminine app - 2 Min.

Women's Circle Versus Divine Feminine Event.  Two sections of the app.  What is the difference?

How to Use the INTERNATIONAL VERSION of the DF App.

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