• Please feel free to post about your Events 2x a month in the Community Events Post. It is our hope that more and more women use the other (free!) parts of the app (Search events, virtual, retreats, etc.) to find your offerings, but we certainly understand wanting to promote what you have put your time and energy into.

  • Please do not post the same post more than 1x per month. (i.e. Events can be mentioned 2x a month leading up to the event, but if you are promoting a specific Facebook group, page, organization, etc., please limit it to 1x per month.
  • You are encouraged to have your own viewpoint. We all are at different places with different perspectives and experiences. We encourage you to not blindly follow the 'masses'. That said, this is NOT an arena for debate. If you have a differing viewpoint or want clarification, you can comment ONE TIME. A SECOND TIME can be used for clarification on what you said. But at that point, please walk away from whatever 'virtual conversation' you are having. Reach out individually to that person via their email or website if you desire, but this will not be an arena for 'cock fights'. Any inflammatory, deragatory, hate-filled comments will not be tolerated. You will be warned two times and then your Membership will be revoked.
  • Political Posts - obviously the above paragraph most applies to posts of a political nature and most especially to the dangerous mine field of vocal, extremist (on both sides) angry and fear-based views that you currently see abounding, especially in USA Media.  We have had many tell us to 'stay away from politics'.  You do not want to go there.  But can you imagine?  Saying that in front of the many who have stood up and fought and died to earn the right to vote?  Noooooooo. Cannot do. A balanced world is not birthed until we can calmly discuss and compromise between those who hold differing views.
  • The divine feminine app is intended as a 'portal' to find what uniquely fits you. Again, we encourage balance and differing points of view. The idea behind the Second Version of the divine feminine app is to reduce some of the 'overwhelm' and consumer-driven aspects of the oligopoly that is today's social media. We hope to give you an 'overview' of the work of the divine feminine all over the world. Our intent then is that if you resonate with something, you continue on to their intended means of communication (website, email, social media, etc.)
  • If you would like something to be given a 'main post' outside the Community Post areas and comments, please email us at '' If it fits the preceding paragraph, we would be happy to share.
  • The Member sections of the app are to 'sustain' the functioning of the app. It is not our intention to drive away anyone without the means to become a Member. If you need a code to become a Member, please email us.