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“No one has been more influential in connecting women in the U.S. and now, around the world!  ... If women’s circles are changing the world, I believe that the divine feminine app is the Mother ship! ."  Mary Cunningham, International Coordinator for Gather the Women

Creating ripples

around the world. 

One circle

at a time.

COMING in 2018. 

Version Two of the divine feminine app

with News from all over the divinely feminine

world, a Resource section and Profiles.

Your Site to Find Women's Spirituality Circles of All Kinds and Sizes

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The divine feminine app seeks to connect us in our communities in manners that encourage the 'feminine side of God' providing balance to the world.  Mother God demands no specific religion and no specific rules. When we gather with respect, love, compassion and open-hearts, She is there. The divine feminine app provides inspiration, education and connection not only locally but across the world.

"This has given me everything I need in one place!" -Jen Patel

"You will be teachers for each other.  You will come together in Circles and speak your truth to each other.  

The time has come for women to accept their spiritual responsibility for the planet.”

– Sherry Ruth Anderson and Patricia Hopkins
 The Feminine Face of God. 

"It was super easy! Love it!" 

- Danielle Dulsky,

Living Mandala

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A Free resource to help you find and share spaces to heal, rest, thrive and progress spiritually.

"Thank you! I've been facilitating Our Feminine Divine Circle

for 21 years+ and finally, FINALLY there is this app

that assists wymyn in finding their home.

I posted my Circle and within a day, I met a new sister.

Thank you Thank you Thank you. Blessed Be ." - Laura Tria

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Bringing the Divine Feminine and balance to the world. THIS. This is a Sacred Circle.

This is a Women's Circle. A Red Tent. A Goddess Temple.

A Coven of Witches. Incorporating Christianity or Hinduism or Sufism.

Whatever works.

Because we are all different.

Because we are all the same.

Ancient. Ancient Mother.

Bringing the same troubles and the same human foibles to the Circle. A reminder to look within.

Find beauty. 

Connect. Heal. Empower.